Wednesday 9/1/21 – Significant Flooding Possible Tonight

Good morning! For those of you visiting my site from the UML Weather Center social media pages (due to the continued outage of the Weather Center site), welcome back to campus, Riverhawks!!! I’m Nathan Coram, co-President of the AMS student chapter and a senior in the meteorology program. This is my local forecasting site I’veContinue reading “Wednesday 9/1/21 – Significant Flooding Possible Tonight”

Tropical Storm Henri – 8 AM Saturday 8.21.21 Update

Good morning! Tropical Storm Henri is headed right for the south coast of New England, although it will weaken very rapidly as it makes landfall, which will lead to limited impacts outside of far southern New England and southeast New York. Trends yesterday brought the landfall area all the way to western Long Island withContinue reading “Tropical Storm Henri – 8 AM Saturday 8.21.21 Update”

Thursday 7.8.21: T.S. Elsa Evening Update

Good evening everyone, and welcome to readers coming from the UML Weather Center! The Weather Center site (which I often post to as a UML meteorology student) is down, so I’m sharing this post to the UML social media pages. We are about to see some impact from Tropical Storm Elsa as it makes itsContinue reading “Thursday 7.8.21: T.S. Elsa Evening Update”

6.30.21 – Severe Weather Update 1 (11:30 AM)

The National Weather Service has a relatively rare Enhanced Risk of severe weather (level 3 out of 5) listed for our area. Strong to severe storms are likely this evening, especially after 5 pm. Damaging wind gusts are the main threat, along with heavy rain, hail, and lightning. I’m actually off work somehow, so I’llContinue reading “6.30.21 – Severe Weather Update 1 (11:30 AM)”